Basic functions

The basic purpose of WinSplit Revolution is to provide the ability to move a window to a specific position on your screen. Think of the screen as a grid. Using WinSplit the process of placing windows is simple and intuitive. Using the numeric keypad you can think of the layout of the keypad as a sort of map of where the window positions will be on the screen. By hitting a combination of CTRL + ALT and the appropriate number on the keypad you can quickly send windows to specific quadrants of the screen.

To move the foreground window (which is focused) to a specific location on the screen using the following shortcuts:
Ctrl + Alt + Numeric Pad There are two modes for window placement. The first time you move a window (for example Ctrl+Alt+7) the window moves to the upper left corner, taking a quarter of the screen (1/2 of the screen for the width and height). This makes it possible to show 4 windows at the same time (one window at each quarter). If you press the key combination again for a window which is still at the same placement, the window takes 1/6 of the screen (1/2 screen's height and 1/3 screen's width) thus it is possible to show up to 6 windows at the same time.

Exceptions: When you press a shorcut to move a window, WinSplit Revolution moves the foreground, i.e. the window that has focus. But if this one is a topmost window (always on top) WinSplit doesn't move it, it will move the last focused non-topmost window.

Virtual Numpad (Pop-up)
The pop-up is a little control that allows you to avoiding having to use your keybord to move a window. It is useful for people who dislike shortcuts or owners of laptops that do not have numeric pad keys. To active this control just left click on WinSplit Revolution's icon on the system tray. The first time you left click on it, a control like the following figure appears.


To move the foreground window to a specific position, just click on one of the 9 buttons relevant to the desired placement location. The two modes regarding placement still apply (1/2 and 1/2 or 1/2 and 1/3) with the virtual numpad pop-up control. There is a checkbox under the 9 buttons, which (if checked) allows the control to be locked and always on top otherwise the pop-up control will disappear after the placement. It's possible to keep the pop-up at a position while excluding the frame around the control by left clicking again on he WinSplit Revolution's system tray icon. This causes the pop-up control to look like this:


For more flexibility, the control can have a mini style and a transparency style. See "configurations" section for more details.

Special functions
In this section we explain the 3 special functions implemented in WinSplit.

Mosaic function Ctrl+Alt+m
This function evaluate the best arrangement to show several windows at the same time.

Close All function Ctrl+Alt+c
This function instantaneously close all windows opened on the taskbar, by sending a WM_CLOSE message to the windows.

Fusion function Ctrl+Alt+f
The purpose of this function is to tile the two last selected windows in addition to customizing the location of the split. By default each windows takes up half of the screen (one at the left, the other at the right), and the windows appear with a slider to change the ratio between the both windows. So it's possible to have 30% - 70% or a 40% - 60% ratio for window placement.


Auto placement function Ctrl+Alt+ NumecricPad 0
This function allow the user to memorize the position of a window. The fisrt step is to place the window where you want memorize it. After, press Ctr+Alt+0 then WinSplit Revolution will detect that this process is not yet saved, and propose you to save it. After saving the window process, to replace the it at the last saved place, press again ctrl+alt+0 then WinSplit Revolution will detect that the window process is saved and will place automatically to the saved place.

Move window to screen Ctrl+Alt+ Left / Right
For owners of multi screen, it is possible to move a window from a screen to another. For now you can move a window on horizontal direction (Left/Right).

To set the WinSplit's behavior, right click on the system tray icon. The following menu appears: